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tgwaltzer Oct 24th, 19 09:27 AM

Clutch release free play
I am working on assembly of a 66 Nova with Nova block 327, stock GM bell housing and clutch rod linkage and Muncie 4 speed. It was originally a straight six automatic. My problem is with a raised finger Valeo pressure plate and clutch disc, a long throw out bearing leaves no free play between the trans and the pressure plate, and a short TOB angles the clutch fork too much so the pedal will not depress. I found at JEGS and Summit, what appears to be a longer fork pivot ball. Was there different lengths of these from GM? Both styles of pressure plates, flat and raised fingers as well as long and short TOB are shown as the correct application for my car. Something has to be different? All linkage assembly and clutch fork came from Classic Industries. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks

Big Dave Oct 24th, 19 01:43 PM

Re: Clutch release free play
Yes there were different length clutch fork balls but that was to use the clutch in a heavier truck with a bigger diameter clutch disc (14 inch instead of 11 for a high horse motor). To solve your non-stock pressure plate issue you need an after market solution. I recommend a McCleod adjustable clutch fork ball.

There were also three different height throw out bearings when you include trucks.

All GM cars used a diaphragm pressure plate, the Long or Borg and Beck three finger lever pressure plate holds better in high horsepower applications, but they are harder to use on the street why GM went with the diaphragm pressure plate and Ford and Chrysler used the three finger style.

Big Dave

tgwaltzer Oct 24th, 19 03:19 PM

Re: Clutch release free play
Thanks Big Dave. I was looking at those as well as the McLeod adjustable TOB. I'll get one ordered.

Aukai Oct 24th, 19 06:49 PM

Re: Clutch release free play
If you get stuck, there is a National TOB 1.250 total height from early Corvettes.

Part number: National 614083

tgwaltzer Nov 15th, 19 09:20 AM

Re: Clutch release free play
After more research, I found Goodmark has a clutch pivot ball, GMK40109516220, that is 1 3/4" total height. This along with the raised finger pressure plate and National short TOB, corrected the issue. Thanks for the assistance.

Aukai Dec 17th, 19 12:27 AM

Re: Clutch release free play
Glad you got it figured out:thumbsup:

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