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62 NovaWagon Aug 19th, 19 08:08 AM

Getting Fixed!
Well guys, back surgery today at 1:00pm(screws and rods) so I'll be gone for a bit, let you guys know how it went after I wake up and can see the keyboard.:D:thumbsup:

Blown73 Aug 19th, 19 10:04 AM

Re: Getting Fixed!
Good Luck Art!

Big Dave Aug 19th, 19 10:39 AM

Re: Getting Fixed!
Best of luck Art! Speedy recovery.

Big Dave

brian oneil Aug 19th, 19 05:00 PM

Re: Getting Fixed!
What Art isn't saying is the surgery is on his brain. He has brain damage :yes:. When they fix that, they will commence is sex change operation :D.

Thats all BS. Good luck Art, you will be back to normal soon. You got lots of work to do. I am sure the Honey To Do list is growing l:)

62 NovaWagon Aug 20th, 19 06:19 PM

Thanks guys, all went good, walked 800ft pain free after 6hrs, again this morning then again tonight starting tomorrow 4 times a day 1000ft+

Big Dave Aug 20th, 19 07:29 PM

Re: Getting Fixed!
Glad to hear you are up and moving Art!

Big Dave

brian oneil Aug 20th, 19 07:59 PM

Re: Getting Fixed!
Glad to hear it is all good Art :yes::D:thumbsup:

62 NovaWagon Aug 27th, 19 11:25 AM

Well, looks like I'm doing good enough to come home, should be home by the weekend.

62 NovaWagon Sep 2nd, 19 11:27 AM

Re: Getting Fixed!
Well, had to go to rehab for a few days but I'm now back home on the mend.

Big Dave Sep 2nd, 19 05:14 PM

Re: Getting Fixed!
Welcome back Art!

Big Dave

62 NovaWagon Sep 2nd, 19 10:58 PM

Re: Getting Fixed!
Thanks Dave it's good to be back.:beers:

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