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: 70 chrome/stainless trim around windows? channels

May 26th, 08, 10:14 PM
on my 1970 nova the trim around the windows...window channels? (not sure of the correct name for the part) but...the trim around the windows on my nova are painted...from the factory did they all come chrome/stainless or did they offer them painted??? i want to take off the paint but i'm just not sure if there is chrome/stainless underneath or if they came from the factory painted, what is underdeath??? do these pieces come off??? what holds them to the body???

May 26th, 08, 11:33 PM
My 70 has painted ones too. There is no chrome under the paint on mine.My 71 has the chrome ones.

May 26th, 08, 11:37 PM
if im not mistaken those pieces of trim are anodized aluminum...
Front and Rear windows fit into clips and slide in channel style
the sides are also a style of a clip with two paralelle barbs
Primers and paints dont seem to stick too well to these surfaces ;)

hope that helps :D

May 28th, 08, 03:03 PM
i want that aluminum trim look but i'm just scared to take off the paint cause i'm not sure if there is aluminum under there or not...do they sell these pieces aftermarket???

May 28th, 08, 07:49 PM
Yes they sell em.