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: Parts storage gone! Need to get rid of stuff.

Sep 3rd, 08, 07:23 AM
Due to down sizing my car parts storage during a recent move I have to get rid of stuff I used to keep around even though I don't know what I was going to use it on.

These parts are big so pickup in Perry, OH 44081 would be needed or I might be able to deliver short distances for gas money.

4 speed Saginaw tranny with shifter and linkage. $150
Power steering gear box $25
Bucket seats out of a 74 SOA Nova $50
10 bolt 8.5 housing out of a 74 Nova w/ origional axles and the carrier is still held in with the saddles $100
Set of 1974 SOA Nova center caps. One is missing the center label and is dented. $50

I have a lot of other parts I will be putting up here like some trim that is specific to 74 Novas and the like.

Big Dave
Sep 3rd, 08, 07:57 AM
Wish I lived closer as I would stop by and clean you out at these prices. But I am sure it will all sell quickly. Four speed would do well in a L-6 or small V-8, and everyone is looking for a set of bucket seats (I have a bench seat myself), and my car has a 7.5 inch 10 bolt rear end (I actually have three 7.5" rears out back if anyone needs one for a third gen Camaro), so an 8.5" would be a definite step up.

Of course my wife would shoot me as she wants the barn cleaned out not added too. I just hate to miss out on such a great deal (It is the Scotch in me).

Big Dave

Sep 3rd, 08, 08:26 AM
Man i would love those bucket seats to get rid of the mini van seats the old owner put in the car :confused:

Sep 3rd, 08, 08:39 AM
Man i would love those bucket seats to get rid of the mini van seats the old owner put in the car :confused:

These seats need to be re-covered. All the plastic is still there and actually it should be easy to dye them the color of an interior since they are out of a Spirit of America (SOA) Nova and are white in color.

I've also got an extra back seat that has to go, just not sure of the condition of it, so I can't put a price on it and I will not be able to see it till I move it this week end.

Also have a box of stuff I had sold on E-bay, but after I sold it the guy paid for it, but no shipping. Waited over a year with no responce, so this stuff will be back for sale, but I have to open the box to remember what all is in it! lol

Tons more will be coming when I empty the upper part of my old garage and haul it to the new house to sort through it. Some of the really bad stuff will be going straight to the dumpster, but anything I think is useable will get listed at steeply discounted prices.

Sep 8th, 08, 07:18 AM
Got some more stuff dug out and I am unloading it from the trailer.

Rear seat out of a 74 SOA so it is for a hatch back. Steel panels still attached. $50

Power steering gear box and pump from a 3rd gen with pitman. $50

Under hood AC box and under dash AC box cores probably need replaced. $50

Dash bezel for AC car. One speedo screw stud broke and one wiper screw stud broke otherwise in good condition. $10

Blacked out 73-74 nova grille came out of an SOA. Has Chevy emblem, both turn signal housings, and bezels. One crack that can be repaired. $40

73-74 Nova hood lip trim $15

73-74 Nova piece of trim that I think goes right below the grill up front. $10

Still more should be coming unless I figure out how to put enough shelves up to start storing things.

Sep 9th, 08, 07:30 AM
Engine cradle new and still in the box $20
Quarter window hockey stick shaped trim for a 73-74 Nova $40
Have a couple SS hub caps from mid 60's $10 each (Sorry for no pictures, but I have not got internet at home and have to use the work computer, so I can't upload pictures yet!)

Oct 18th, 08, 04:53 PM
Rear 74 SOA seat gone
Front bucket seats gone
Engine cradle gone
Power steering gear box gone
AC under hood and under dash box gone
73-74 quarter window hockey stick trim gone
SOA center caps gone
Power steering gear box and pump gone

I think thats all that is gone so far!

Oct 19th, 08, 09:48 PM
I really need that 8.5" housing. PM sent