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May 15th, 10, 03:07 PM
I have a 1969 nova that originally had a 307 in it. The engine compartment in painted and ready for the new 383 stroker. I did some searches and there seems to be several different motor mounts, I'm here for advice. I'm pretty sure that the Anchor 2283 interlocking is the one for the engine side but I dont know for sure if the original frame mount will be correct, maybe buying a matching kit is the way to go, I am worried about clearance issues.

May 15th, 10, 03:25 PM
the 307 & 350 (383) blocks are the same (outer dimensions) if the 2283 was what fit the 307 from factory, you'll be fine for the 350 ;)

May 15th, 10, 03:32 PM
the 1969 car had the original 307 engine and the 383 was built using a 1969 chevy block, I was hoping to use the original frame stands. There are alot of problems related to this swap for some reason mainly stemming from the two types of frame stands Chevy used. There are some nightmare stories out there of constantly breaking motor mounts and header clearance issues. I just wanted to be sure and verify with you guys.

May 15th, 10, 03:36 PM
most of what your referring to has to do with BBC's installed with SBC frame mounts... i don't think you'll have a problem ;)

May 15th, 10, 03:38 PM
thanks for the quick answer, I feel more confident in my choice now

May 15th, 10, 03:40 PM
i didn't check/confirm the 2283 mount application... make sure you get what's called for and you should have no issues ;)

Big Dave
May 15th, 10, 05:00 PM
1968 was the year of the recall and motor tie down straps (lots of concurs points for having a set on a 1968 car). In 1969 Chevy release their fix to the problem of motor mount separation due to engine torque. They introduced into production what had been before only used on as the high performance and BBC motor mounts (not frame stands we're talking about just the rubber part that bolts to the motor). So every car regardless of horse power rating in 1969 had an interlocking motor mount. Because an interlocking motor mount is thicker than a simple glued together motor mount(vulcanized rubber) as used on the small V-8 engines the frame stand (the steel part that bolts to the cross-member) became shorter and narrower.

If you have to pry the rubber motor mount apart to slide it over the top of your steel frame stand you have the wrong frame stands. Conversely if you have a steel frame stand in your car with a quarter inch of slop where the motor mount bolt passes through you have the wrong motor mount.

Chevy made standard V-8 motor mounts and High performance BBC motor mounts from 1965 to 1968 that had different frame stand heights but were the same width. After 1968 starting in 1969 they went with a different width motor mount so that it couldn't be accidentally used on a recall issued car made before 1969 and used only the interlocking style motor mount that the parts counter guy says fits all Chevy’s back to 1958 (it doesn't). That addresses the rubber motor mount part of the problem that is applicable to all Chevrolet vehicles.

A BBC in a Camaro or a Nova has other issues besides the motor mount recall. Chevy moved the motor in the engine bay over to the passenger side and raised the drivers side one inch (one inch over, and drivers side one inch up) to clear the steering gear box in a first generation Camaro (1967-'69) sub-frame that was also used on the 1968-'74 Nova. That is what the factory did to fix the fitment problem; if you don't follow their lead, nothing you order from the aftermarket will fit, because your motor isn't where it is supposed to be. The cross-member for the transmission is supposed to be offset one inch as well (whether you have the factory installed TH400 or a Muncie four speed (your only two options from the factory for a tranny with a BBC). If you do not have the correct offset for your transmission you will get vibrations in your drive shaft just as if you have a bad pinion angle problem. You need BBC frame stands to install a BBC in a 1968-'74 Nova body.

The motor will not fit correctly and nothing you bolt on will clear as intended. One final note on header clearance: The factory used a separate cross-shaft for the BBC in a Nova other models will not fit. And if your BBC has aftermarket heads with raised ports then you just raised the number of fitment problems you have because the headers are made for a factory cast iron head with the ports 0.300 inches lower in the engine bay.

Big Dave

May 19th, 10, 02:33 PM
Has anyone tried the Urethane mounts? Do they make the car vibrate really bad. My car has solids in it from when I got it, I can't stand the vibration, just not sure if I should go with rubber or Urethane.

May 29th, 10, 01:51 PM
I measured and re-measured and found that the anchor 2283 is not the correct mount, my car takes the short and wide mount, the 2283 is for the tall narrow frame mount. I didnt want to change out the frame mounts so I used a short wide inter-locking Anchor 2267.